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The Ynode project idea was born in response to the public consultation for the initiation of the procedure for the location, construction and operation of the National Radioactive Waste Repository and Technology Park, pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 31/2010.
The National Charter of Potentially Suitable Areas (CNAPI) identifies 67 areas for the safety of radioactive waste, and among the local authorities subject to the consultation there are also 22 municipalities in Sardinia.

Following the imminent and concrete danger of the construction of a radioactive waste deposit in Sardinia, it was considered appropriate to lay the foundations for a catalyst-creative-collaborative project, which has as its vision the defense of the territory and Nature. The project, with a participatory character, is open to individuals, companies, associations, local and territorial administrations, researchers, artists, architects, workers in the art and culture sector, and to all those who are sensitive to environmental sustainability issues. and who perceive the need for a closer and more intimate relationship with Nature.

The term Ynode consists of the Y and Node components.
Y, with a variety of meanings also attributable to ancient wisdom traditions, is a symbol that we also find in Sardinia in the taurine / uterine protome of the planimetry of the tombs of the giants and in singular reliefs dating back to the megalithic period. The graphic form of the Y also recalls a crossroads, and in this context invites you to make a conscious choice, which invites you to follow a path of respect for life, Nature and man.
Node means intersection, conjunction, to define geographical points, in this case the local entities, which have decided to participate and implement the project, but it is also composed of the NO and DE component, as an abbreviation for a strong NO-National Waste Depot radioactive.

The project starts from the need to safeguard and defend ancient and uncontaminated territories of Sardinia by presenting a concrete but at the same time poetic design vision, which turns its gaze to SU CONNOTTU, the known, referring to a distant past and to that still whole archaeological heritage to discover, characterized by a close relationship between man and nature.
The driving force is the love for one’s own territory and the interest in cultivating and protecting not only the archaeological, historical, landscape and environmental heritage, but also RELATIONAL WISDOM, an exclusive anthropological component of the small rural villages of Sardinia, which despite the low population density still preserve this peculiarity.

We have the ambitious goal of building and imagining another possible path together. The vision stands in contrast to the mere and pure economic interest, which aims exclusively at the profit and exploitation of the territory, with choices that are often harmful for local populations and future generations.
The design intentionality wants to be an impulse to the organization of educational, study, research, investigation and conception activities, through a path aimed at the sustainable and respectful use of the territory and the available resources, and hopes to create the foundations for a harmonious living of man in balance with Nature.

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